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Emma Light and Jothi Gupta

Emma Light: Why I Hate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of year when all families and friends get together, share a big meal and enjoy each other’s company.

I have never been a fan of the Thanksgiving celebrations. The holiday is extremely family-oriented and with family being very spread out it makes the holiday hard to celebrate with only a parent and my sibling.  My parents are South African and divorced, so then what purpose does Thanksgiving serve to me? If anything it stresses me out, I have to be with either my mom or my dad and have a small dinner with only my immediate family because the rest of my family is abroad.

Additionally, I hate Thanksgiving food. Stuffing, turkey, pie and green bean casserole are all overrated. There are way too many favors involved with the Thanksgiving meal, my taste buds are often left very confused with the overwhelming taste of all the food.

The best part of Thanksgiving is the break. The start to the second Trimester is stressful and a nice weeklong break is the only reason I am thankful for Thanksgiving.


Jothi Gupta: Why I Like Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming this week and I’m excited to be able to spend time with my family and friends. I don’t support the origins of Thanksgiving and the violent derivations of it. However, the theme of the holiday being to give thanks is something I enjoy.

Thanksgiving is fun for me and my family because I love the food that comes with a traditional Thanksgiving feast. I love eating and making mashed potatoes, stuffing, and brussel sprouts. My sister and I always make dinner together, and I love the whole day of cooking. My favorite part is making the apple pie. The crust is the best part and I enjoy decorating the top too. I don’t eat meat, so I haven’t had turkey at the last two Thanksgivings, but the food is still great without it.

Thanksgiving is also the time that family comes together and I like being able to see my sister home from college and other family members. On Thanksgiving Day, I also enjoy watching the parade and sometimes running the Turkey Trot with friends and family. After Thanksgiving, shopping on Black Friday with my sister is always fun. Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving break is a great opportunity for family to come together and to embrace the holiday spirit.

Even if it may be difficult for people to celebrate the holiday, I believe that everyone always has something to be thankful for. At the root of it, that’s what Thanksgiving is about, appreciating what you have, and being in the company of those you love.