Girls Swim Team Beats The Hockaday School for First Time in 12 Years


Photo Courtesy of Josie Arbuckle

The Girls Swim Team celebrates their win in the pool.

Eitan Hahn

The Greenhill Girls Swim Team beat The Hockaday School in a swim meet at Greenhill on Jan. 19. The final score was 152 to 129. This is the first time Greenhill swimming has accomplished this feat since 2011.

Historically, Hockaday has had one of the most consistent swimming programs in the area. Greenhill, on the other hand, is the smallest team in the 4A division. Hockaday has won 21 swimming and diving Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) Championships, while Greenhill is still looking to capture their first SPC tournament win for swimming.

Junior captain Josie Arbuckle says there was a lot of excitement in the air before the swim meet between the two rival schools.

“Everyone was really amped up and really excited. Everyone really left it all out there,” Arbuckle said. “There was a ton of energy, a ton of excitement, everyone swam really well and we came out on top.”

The girls swim team is 13-0 in all meets this season, with the win against Hockaday being one of the most important wins of them all. The defeat of the Hockaday Daisies will be a turning point in their season, Arbuckle says.

“The meet gave us a lot of momentum and confidence. We’re definitely going to fight really hard to move up in the ranks and do better than we’ve historically done in SPC,” she said.

With only one more meet left on Jan. 26 until the SPC Championship Meet, the girls look to keep their momentum and win streak, Head Swim Coach Patti Monzingo says.

“The girls are looking as strong as they have looked since 2012 going into SPC. [SPC] is always a great tournament, but this one is going to be especially exciting,” Monzingo said.