Chemistry Workshop Transitions to Science Lab

Jack Stone

Science classes at Greenhill are known throughout the student body as challenging courses, so students are constantly trying to meet with teachers outside of the classroom. The Science Lab is a new club where students can get help from other students about concepts they do not understand in their respective classes.

The new club is taking the place of Chemistry Workshop, which was a club for students who are currently taking a chemistry course and had questions on concepts they did not understand.

“The Science Lab is an initiative to essentially enable students who are strongly in science to better knowledge and clarify any misconceptions they have,” said junior Dibyadeep Saha, a co-leader of the club.

The Science Lab includes students who can be tutors for other students who have questions about their current science class.

“We have student volunteer tutors that we are currently recruiting right now, and we will be interviewing them to see if they are qualified to be Science Lab tutors,” Saha said.

Saha, junior Aditya Pulipaka and Upper School science teachers Treavor Kendall and Hennah Abubaker first came up with the idea after noticing the success of the Chemistry Lab. After realizing students came into the Chemistry Lab with questions about other sciences, they started discussions about expansion.

“The main goal I have for the science lab is to help students with concepts that they may not understand in class and need somewhere to go learn those concepts. [I want it] to just be a place where they can get their questions answered,” Abubaker said.

The Science Lab will occur during Hornet Block on the Gold four and Green seven days of the Greenhill schedule, along with morning office hours every Gold day. It will be held in Room 301 in the math pod because leaders believe the close proximity will attract more students as opposed to having it in the Science Village.

“It will happen adjacent to Math Lab because what we see is often students who need a little bit more support in math may need a little bit more support in science because science builds around some of those math skills,” Abubaker said.

Abubaker hopes that the Science Lab will help students in need of help and that students will no longer have to wait for their teacher to be available.

“Students should not be afraid to come to the science lab, and I want for it to be a safe space for everybody to come and get the help they need,” Abubaker said.