Cam Cook: A Positive Force on and off the Field

Cole Feldman

Cam Cook fills various roles on campus, from being a substitute teacher to helping coach multiple sports.

“He’s a great sub every time, and we always get our classwork done with positive energy,” freshman Arjun Bhatnagar said.

Students can have Cook as both a substitute and a coach, which gives him an opportunity to see the academic side of Greenhill along with the athletic.

“My favorite part about being a sub and coach is getting the insight into the academic struggles of the players,” Cook said. “If I know they have had a hard week or day, instead of coming out to practice and really pushing them hard, I realize we might need a lighter day.”

Junior Devin Davis has worked with Cook for the past two seasons in both Girls Varsity Soccer and Girls Varsity Lacrosse.

“He is really dedicated to making our team better, and he helps out every day,” Davis said. “He is a great coach and always has positive energy.”

Cook enjoys being around sports as they were very important to him growing up.

“I played soccer many years of my life, but at the end of the day, I get to change the direction of this program, and I’m really looking forward to the future,” he said.

Cook’s role on the field is equally relevant to the classroom. Sophomore Zoe Gillen-Malveaux enjoys his help as a substitute teacher.

“The class always has a positive atmosphere, and it’s usually a good change from our normal teacher,” she said.

Cook has formed very strong connections with his student-athletes by understanding their everyday life and then getting to see them excel on the field. This will be the first senior class to graduate that he has helped with both on the field and in the classroom.

“Seeing the seniors leaving is going to be a hard transition,” Cook said. “I try not to think about it right now and enjoy each day and enjoy the time we have together.”

The many aspects of student life that Cook helps with are bringing positive vibes to practice and helping with work in free periods.

“I’m very thankful for everything he does and how he is willing to help out everyone in the Greenhill community,” Davis said.