Young Leadership Takes Over Greenhill Lacrosse Program

Zara Paul

The Greenhill varsity boys’ lacrosse team had no seniors during the 2022 spring season. Due to their youth, they used the season as an opportunity to develop as a team.

Junior Lincoln Underwood, and sophomores Zain Crumedy, Jadon Lee and Mateo Lanzilotta are the current captains and have demonstrated immense leadership for newer members of the team.

The players with less experience have looked up to captains to demonstrate how they personally can improve.

“No matter the experience or level of the player, everyone is treated the same way,” freshman Mayer Sidikaro said.

The team thinks that the lack of seniors has helped build chemistry as compared to last year.

“Last year there were a lot of seniors, also a lot of freshmen, so we butted heads,” Crumedy said.

Having mostly all younger players helped eliminate the feeling of division between the grades in previous years. The players frequently bond and have lunch together at school.

“I think there’s a real brotherhood in our team I think we all see each other as equals, and we treat each other as equals,” Lee said.

Since the age groups were closer, the players think that it helped develop stronger friendships throughout the team.

During the season, captains gravitated towards helping teammates learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. This has helped newer lacrosse players learn certain aspects of the game.

The captains strive to improve themselves, to help newer members of the lacrosse team who may need guidance from experienced players.

The youth of the program has helped with not only the team chemistry, but the team thinks it will continue to help create opportunities for development.

“There’s so much room for development… there’s room to grow,” Crumedy said. “Everyone wants to be a part of this team, everyone wants to succeed together.”

The Southern Preparatory Conference (SPC) took place last weekend. They placed fifth in their conference.

“Ideally, we’ll have our eyes set on higher aspirations next year, maybe in another SPC championship or something along those lines,” Underwood said.