Junior Captain Jadon Lee Leads Lacrosse Team

Declan Kirk

Junior captain of the varsity lacrosse team, Jadon Lee, has led the team to a three win and two loss finish in the 4A division of Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) granting the team the three seed standing for the tournament.

Lee is a dual sport athlete having played lacrosse for seven years and volleyball for six. He says lacrosse has always been his favorite sport, playing for multiple club teams as well as three years on varsity.

Specifically, he enjoys the physicality of lacrosse and enjoys playing on a team and forming bonds with his teammates.

Lee admires his older brother, Jonah Lee 20’, for demonstrating the hard work necessary to improve by constantly practicing in their backyard.

“My brother was very driven and motivated. He showed me the hard work needed to improve my game,” Jadon Lee said.

Jadon Lee’s younger brother and varsity boys lacrosse player, Jacob Lee, is playing in his first season on the same team as Jadon Lee and thanks his brother for guiding him to the point he is at.

“I admire his leadership skills and his dedication to lacrosse,” Jacob Lee said.

Jadon Lee values the importance of setting an example for newer and younger players. He strives to integrate new players and improve their skills.

Additionally, Jadon Lee wants to set an example and help the team improve. He has prioritized building team chemistry to promote communication and selflessness to better the chances of winning.

“If the team is on the same page, the ball will move more fluidly allowing us to move up the field and score,” Jadon Lee said.

Head Coach of boys varsity lacrosse, Jack Fisher, believes Jadon Lee is one reason the team continues to win games. “He is at the heart of the team’s success.” Fisher said.

Fisher notes that Jadon Lee always comes to practice with a positive attitude. He gives him credit for contributing to the team’s success and setting an example for the other players by getting the most out of every opportunity and practice drill.

Fisher says his defense and ability to transition the team into the offensive by drawing the attention of the other team is a huge contribution.

“[Jadon Lee] has the tools to be a do-everything midfielder, he makes all of the players around him better,” Fisher said.

Jadon Lee continues to push and improve the team as he aims to achieve his goals of winning SPC and state.

“I had high expectations for the kind of player that he could be, and he has exceeded all of them,” Fisher said.