Lacrosse Has Record Breaking Turnout

Declan Kirk

The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team has a record high turnout for the 2023 spring season with over 35 boys trying out to be a part of the team, which is nearly twice the number than usual.

Varsity Boys Lacrosse Head Coach Jack Fisher has been coaching Greenhill lacrosse for eight years, and this will be his first year with a junior varsity team in addition to varsity.

Fisher has an arsenal of new drills to try out during practice that were previously unavailable due to the lack of personnel.

“There were times when we couldn’t even fill half a field, [so] more players allows us to use the field and emulate game situations,” he said.

He says more players gives the team many fresh bodies to put in the game when the starters get tired.

In spring 2021, the team won the title of Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) champions. Last season, the team placed fourth in the 3A division. This year, however, the team hopes to be back on track and resume their title as SPC champions for 2023.

Practices have already started, which includes team lifts and conditioning.

“Not only do lifts make us stronger, they grow our bonds as teammates,” said junior captain Jadon Lee.

The lacrosse team started to recruit their peers throughout the school year to increase their numbers.

“I have to give credit to our players,” Fisher said. “Our current juniors and seniors went out into the hallways and drummed up interest in the sport.”

Freshman Vijay Naidu will be playing his first year of high school lacrosse on the junior varsity team after getting recruited by his friends.

“In middle school, my friends convinced me to play so we would have enough people for a team,” Naidu said.

Senior Lincoln Underwood was an avid recruiter during the off season.

“We work to create a welcoming environment for new players, when I see someone in the hallway, I tell them to come try it for a day,” Underwood said.

Seniors play a significant role on the team by setting an example, getting the equipment and setting up the goals prior to practice.

”I want to check in on our younger players and make sure they are enjoying their season,” Underwood said.

Freshman Jacob Lee appreciates this sentiment, and says the team was very welcoming to him as it is his first year on varsity.

Fisher and the team are excited for the season and for their first game on Friday, Feb. 24 against John Paul II High School.

“I am excited for this spring, and I also think we have a really good trajectory for years to come,” said Fisher.