Are There More Wheels or Doors in the World?

Stephanie Rojas and Spencer Jacobs


Wheels versus doors, this question has become an internet phenomenon recently. The whole debate revolves around the question of whether people think there are more wheels or doors in the world.  

After a lot of analytical thinking, I have concluded that there are without a doubt more wheels than doors.  

My reasoning behind this verdict comes from the fact that almost everything in the world that has wheels operates using at least two wheels. All the tire factories, mechanic shops and even conveyor belts in the world further prove this.

When I did deeper research, I discovered that there are about 1.4 billion cars in the world. When you take this number and multiply it by four you get approximately how many car wheels there are in the world. This isn’t even considering that most pull out drawers operate using wheels as well as carts.  

I also found out when looking at the anatomy of a door that a door handle in fact has a part called a wheel. So, even most doors have wheels on them. 

I think that after all this proof it is undeniable that there are more wheels than doors.  

~Stephanie Rojas



I think many of my friends look at the one room they’re in and think that is what every room in the world looks like: one door and a few wheels on spinney chairs.

Most of the world doesn’t look like this. To realize that there are more doors than wheels, people must think more big-picture.

There are more doors than wheels in the world because of the sheer number of buildings everyone on Earth. People see all the wheels on spinney chairs, trucks and Hot Wheels and think it’s obvious. A majority of those wheels are in the United States.

Although cars have one to three more wheels than doors, there are approximately 900 million more houses than cars in the world.  That is billions of more doors than wheels. A majority of those houses have refrigerators with another two doors.

This overpowers all of the wheels on hot wheels even though many of them have doors.

~Spencer Jacobs