Two Sophomores Create “Bake for Barbara” Club

Jack Stone

Bake4Barbara, a new service club at Greenhill, is using sweets to give back to the community. The club was founded by sophomores Tal Rogozinski and Garrett Rathbun, who plan to meet school during Club Rotation 1 and will also bake out of school once or twice a month and package baked goods for sale.

All of the time spent baking and meeting with the club will count towards community service hours. Additionally, all bake sale profits go towards the Alzheimer’s Foundation, which is dedicated to researching better treatments and a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

“We wanted to start a club that combined our love for baking with giving back to the community,” Rathbun said. “The Alzheimer’s Foundation is a cause that is close to my heart because of my grandma, and we hope to make a positive impact through Bake4Barbara.”

The club members will sell the baked goods once a semester, both at school and outside of school. They will also come up with new ideas for what to bake, making sure to provide a variety of treats for their customers.

“Baking is a fun and creative way for us to give back,” Rogozinski said. “We can’t wait to share our delicious baked goods and raise money for a great cause.”

Bake4Barbara is a unique opportunity for students to make a difference in their community while honing their baking skills. The club not only benefits the Alzheimer’s Foundation, but it also provides students with valuable experiences in leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

Greenhill Upper School physics teacher Christopher Chambers is the sponsor for the new club and is very excited about it.

“I am proud to be the sponsor for the club, and I’m also proud of the hard work and dedication of these two students,” said Chambers. “Many students at Greenhill just make clubs in order to check that box on their resume, but it’s exciting that this club will actually help make a difference in the world.”

The founders hope to inspire others to join them in their mission to make a difference through baking.

“We hope Bake4Barbara will catch on and that other schools will start similar clubs,” said Rogozinski. “Together, we can make a real impact and help find a cure for Alzheimer’s.”