Homecoming Court Changes


The 2019 Homecoming Court. Photo by Sonia Dhingra.

Lola Frenkel, Associate Editor






In the past years, Greenhill’s Homecoming Court has consisted of a female and male of the senior class. This year, Greenhill’s Homecoming Court is made up of ten seniors. These seniors were voted on by the senior class during advisory. The 2019 Homecoming Court consists of seniors: Anna Robinowitz, Kaiti Ness, Jeffrey Harberg, Collin McDade, Luke Contreras, Vinay Vas, Josh Leffler, Drake Muller, Julia Townsend, and Emma Kaiser.

This Homecoming Court is different from past years because in the past teachers have nominated the seniors for the court. Students would then vote on one boy and one girl from the elected seniors. The most voted on pair would then be announced at the football game.

Greenhill has allegedly altered this tradition to eliminate the factor of gender roles and sexism created by choosing only a male and a female for the “King” and “Queen”. Many students were at first shocked and upset by this decision because of the loss of annual tradition. However many others later felt comfortable with the new tradition and enjoyed being able to vote for the candidates.