Katherine Zarembski Joins Sports Performance Team

Ethan Vicknair

Katie Zarembski has joined the Sports Performance team as the new strength and conditioning specialist.

A recent graduate of Northern Michigan University, Zarembski coached multiple lacrosse teams and played on her college’s lacrosse squad before moving to Texas.

Athletic training became a big part of Zarembski’s life starting in her junior year of high school, when she started to prepare herself for collegiate athletics. When she began training with a personal trainer, she built an interest in strength training she said.

“I started asking all these questions, and I was interested in why I was doing specific exercises,” Zarembski said.

Zarembski’s trainer recommended that she study exercise science in college if it was something she was interested in.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do [in college when I was] in high school,” Zaremski said.

After graduating from college, she came directly to Greenhill after being hired by Director of Sports Performance Jessen Houston. Her first impressions of Greenhill were more than she expected.

Upon her first visit, she immediately noticed the differences between the school she grew up in, some of the private schools in her hometown and Greenhill.

“[The campus] seems welcoming and everyone seems really nice,” Zarembski said. “There’s a good atmosphere.”

She was surprised at Greenhill not requiring uniforms and the abundance of diversity.

“It’s different to see how diverse the culture is at this school and how this school accommodates kids with different cultures,” she said.

On top of her impressions of the atmosphere and customs at Greenhill, she enjoyed both the athletics and spirit of the school.

“When I went to one of the football games, I could tell I was in Texas. I could tell I was watching Texas football,” she said.

Zarembski also appreciates how any student is encouraged and welcomed to use the weight room.

“It’s really awesome to see kids in high school and even in middle school get training,” she said. “I think every kid at any age should get the training that they need.”