Andrea Stoyle Joins Greenhill at the Buzz


Photo by Eitan Hahn

Laird Burke

With the new opening of a position at the Buzz, Andrea Stoyle is now the assistant manager. According to students, she brings an outgoing and bright personality that always makes people’s days better.

“Whenever I walk into the buzz, she puts a smile on my face while she welcomes me into the store. It’s really awesome having someone that asks about your day,” sophomore Bryson watt said.

Five years ago, Stoyle unexpectedly lost her mom and her life changed completely. She realized life is unpredictable which is why she always keeps a good attitude.

“I feel like you have got to live every day to its fullest because you never know if you’re going to have a tomorrow. So, for me, it’s having the best attitude and treating people the way that I want to be treated,” Stoyle said.

Stoyle has a wide range of experience as she has worked many marketing jobs before her current one at the Buzz.

She attended Elsinore High School and Mt. San Jacinto College in California, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management.

Stoyle moved to Dallas after previously living with her military husband in Hawaii. She was looking for a job and came across her current position through an advertisement. She fell in love with it.

“When I came in for the interview, that’s when I realized that Greenhill is a hidden treasure right in the middle of Addison,” she said.

Stoyle finds joy in working with people and students.

“My favorite job I used to think was Dylan’s Candy Bar until I came here. It’s just there’s something about being around you students,” Stoyle said. “The energy [the students] have makes me happy, it makes me want to be happy, so hands down this is my favorite job.”

Stoyle wants to update the Buzz, as she plans to be here for a while. She has already added price tags to all the food and made a new wall for snacks to keep the Buzz more organized.

“We plan on having a more assortment of products for next year like multi-colored shirts, and more variety in snacks,” she said.