New Faculty Profile: Greg Mihalik


Benjamin Weinstein

Greg Mihalik has replaced Henry Paolissi as the new Head of the Improv Troupe for the 2022-2023 school year.

Mihalik is a veteran of improv, as he started his journey in 2003 when he joined an improv troupe with his friends in Florida.

Following that stint, he accepted a job in Maine to teach a comedy class at Nokomis Regional High School and eventually phased into teaching improvisation instead. During this time, he helped cultivate a comprehensive theater arts program.

Following his seven and half year stretch teaching in Maine, he ventured to further his improv ability by taking a class in Austin.

“This was the true beginning of my Improv career,” he said.

Mihalik then moved back north to New York and practiced improv at the highest level. He performed at The Magnet Theater in New York City, which is known to have some of the best improv teachers.

Mihalik credits the teachers he worked with at the Magnet Theater for a significant part in his improv journey.

“I advanced the most at the Magnet, and I feel I am an alumnus there, as that is where I really trained and learned,” Mihalik said.

After improving his skills in New York, Mihalik found his way to Dallas, Texas. He is now the Upper School and Middle School Improv Teacher at Greenhill and performs at the Stomping Ground Comedy Theater.

He hopes to continue advancing the improv program at Greenhill, with the goals of incorporating more musical and long-form improv. Musical improv will be a change for the Greenhill Improv Troupe, as this will be a foreign idea for many of those in the troupe.

Junior Quinn Graves believes that the troupe’s future is bright, but they still have more work to do

“The team strength does not completely lie in musical improv,” Graves said.

Greenhill Improv has also had a 150% increase in members over the last two years, filling all middle school classes and the Introduction to Improv class in Upper School.

“The future of Greenhill Improv is exciting, and I can’t wait to see the program grow,” Mihalik said.