Jessica Chu Joins Greenhill Math Department

Emma Rikalo

New to the Math Department this year, Jessica Chu currently teaches Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB and Vector Calculus.

“I feel like a lot of my classes, there’s that aspect of just having fun with math,” Chu said. “Getting back to some kind of normal has been really fun and enjoyable.”

Due to her longtime interest in problem-solving, Chu said she was drawn to math.

“Math, I think, is one of the most unique subjects in the sense that yes there is a right answer but at the same time, there’s just so many ways to get to it,” Chu said. “I like to solve problems and get better and better at solving problems more and more efficiently, so I feel like math, lends itself well to me in that way.”

Chu attended college at the University of Texas at Austin, where she majored in math and education. When considering her career path, Chu said she was drawn to and fell in love with teaching.

“I love helping others and that is what being a teacher is all about,” Chu said. “It’s just helping others, getting them passionate about education, getting them passionate about math.”

Chu first started teaching in 2009 at Plano East Senior High School and then at Hockaday before deciding to move to Greenhill this year.

“I think anytime there’s change, it’s hard, but at the same time it’s also exciting. I love teaching, so it doesn’t matter where I’m teaching, I love it,” Chu said. “It’s just more of trying to understand all the nuances of this new school.”

This year, she says she’s enjoyed making connections with students and seeing their progress.

“I love proving things; I love showing why things work; I love making those connections,” Chu said. “So, it’s just fun to see those light bulb moments.”

Outside of the classroom, Chu has a love for football and spends her free time supporting her favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, and participating in a fantasy league.

Chu hopes to help any student, whether or not they are in one of her classes.

“My door’s always open, so even if I’m not your teacher, you can always come and ask me questions,” Chu said. “I enjoy teaching and I enjoy teaching math. So, hopefully, people will see me as a teacher that is passionate about what she does.”