Greenhill’s Fall Play 2019: “Romeo and Juliet”


Greenhill’s 2019 fall play, the iconic “Romeo and Juliet,” will run from Nov. 7-9 in the Marshall Family Performing Arts Center (MPAC) on campus.

“Romeo and Juliet is your typical romantic drama/tragedy,” said Valerie Hauss-Smith, Upper School Drama & Theater Direction teacher. “Two kids from feuding families meet at a party. Their forbidden affair leads to a whirlwind of events resulting in broken relationships, deaths, and ultimately the two families’ reconciliation.”

The Greenhill performance of the beloved tale of two teenagers and their forbidden love will feature a fun twist: It will take place in 2019.

“This classic piece will be brought into 2019 complete with cell phones, combat boots, electric guitars and street fighting,” said Hauss-Smith.

The play will include familiar faces from Greenhill theater and many more characters. Senior Timothy Owens is very excited to perform in the Shakespeare classic.

“My character, Mercutio, is the embodiment of chaos,” Owens said. “This show has given me so many opportunities to let loose and be a little crazy. I’m excited to get an audience and have the opportunity to really have fun with people who have never seen the show.”

The audience can also expect to see some surprise performances.

“I can’t wait for audiences to find out what different [Upper School] faculty/staff are performing the role of the journalist in the show every night,” Hauss-Smith said.

There will be an invitation-only dress rehearsal on Nov. 6, followed by the Nov. 7-9 public run in the MPAC Studio Theater. Tickets are on sale at or at the MPAC ticket desk.