Charlotte Brown Spreads Awareness Through Photography

Cole Feldman

Senior Charlotte Brown has spent many hours on her photography, which has shaped her to be the photographer that she is today.

Since Brown became a freshman, she has been involved in photography. She works in many different fields of photography including polaroid.

“I like the meaning behind images how it can mean so many different things to each viewer that looks at images,” Brown said.

Brown has shifted her main focus in photography to send a message through her pictures. She tries to raise awareness for various social issues. As a result, she has done well in several different photography competitions.  She won a competition at Fort Worth Country Day and will go into the Young American Talent this year.

Upper School and Middle School Photography Instructor Frank Lopez said Brown is a very hard-working student.

“Charlotte really puts in a lot of effort in her work,” Lopez said. “She is constantly working on her imagery in the class and at home.”

Lopez has loved the opportunity to work with Brown over the past four years.

“She has grown tremendously, and this is her second year in honors, so she was able to experiment more last year,” Lopez said. “She has truly become a leader in our program.”