Greenhill Football Plays Trinity Valley School

Andrew Mann

The Greenhill football team lost against the Trinity Valley Trojans in the second home game of the season, bringing their record to 0-3.

In a climactic final quarter, the Trojans wore the Hornet defense down with 370 yards rushing. The Trojans also ended the game with 588 all-purpose yards, the highest of the season.

For the Hornets, there was a late passing attack that was led by senior quarterback Bennett Broaddus. This resulted in two passing touchdowns for the team, caught by junior Jaden Watt and senior Gideon Myers in the final minutes of the game.

Despite the loss, players are still optimistic and are looking to make more improvements.

“As a team, we would like to take the success of the fourth quarter from last week and take that mentality to the next game,” said junior Jaden Watt.