Middle School Fall Sports Recap


The eighth-grade football team had a very successful season, according to Coach Parker Ainsworth. The team finished with a record of 5-2.

Ainsworth says his players beat some good teams and lost to one very good team, Prince of Peace in Carrollton.

One thing that caught everyone off guard was the mercy rule, which goes into effect when one team is up seven scores, Ainsworth said.

“I thought that even if losing, they would still want to play”, said Ainsworth.

Ever since they started practicing, everyone has improved significantly, said Ainsworth. Many players have learned to play different positions, since only six players are on the field at once in Middle School football.

Players earn playing time by working hard and doing well in practice, said Ainsworth.

Every game has been physical, where you can both pass-rush and block. Even though you can kick field goals and extra points, it is extremely rare because the football team does not have enough practice time to work on kicking.



This year, the Middle School field hockey teams have had a season of immense growth.

Most of the seventh-grade team came into field hockey with almost no understanding of the sport. However, that is not the case currently.

“We all get along and the coaches have helped us make strategies by learning the game from the ground up,” said seventh-grader Ella Tobias.

The seventh-grade team finished with a record of 2 wins, 7 losses and 1 tie. The eighth-grade team had a record of 5 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties.

“I made a lot of new friends this season and will most likely play in high school,” said eighth-grader Nikita Bhasin.

There has also been great team spirit throughout the season from both teams.

“I remember our first game and the girls were nervous, but instead of being scared they came out to our game with strong team spirit and were enthusiastic,” said Coach Cam Cook. “That’s the first time I’ve had a group do that.”



After winning the championship last year, the Middle School boys volleyball team has faced more evenly matched opponents this season.

“The competition has definitely improved,” said Coach Steve Feather.

The team hosted a tournament in late October, losing to St. Mark’s School of Texas in the quarterfinals.

The eighth-grade volleyball team finished with a record of 6-5.

“We should be 7-1 right now,” co-captain Oliver Ferris said in a mid-October interview, explaining that the team had lost some matches because of “careless errors.”

Their biggest competition is St. Mark’s School of Texas, players said.

“St. Mark’s is a coin toss,” said Emerson Sebold. “Some days we are on and some days we are beaten.”

Ferris also cited St. Mark’s an especially tough opponent.

“I think there are players on the St. Mark’s team that are really strong players, but our team is a more solid team,” Ferris said.



The Middle School teams have had a good season of growth with many wins along the way, players and coaches said.

“All of the players have been connecting very well, which is a great thing because it is leading to them playing very well, too,” said Martha Parker, who coaches the Middle School Green team, which was comprised of seventh-graders this year.

The team has grown in many ways throughout the season. For example, the team has more experience while playing and understanding different plays and situations.

“A good team is made up of coaches and players that work hard, and a good coach is a coach that pushes us to do our best,” said seventh-grader Avery McGraw.

The team’s hard work translated into a 9-4 win-loss record for the season.

“All of the players get along perfectly, although there are a mix of seventh- and eighth-graders, and have great personalities,” said Monica Stephens, who coaches the Gold team. “The connection of the players is what is getting to play well.”

The Gold team, comprised mostly of eighth-graders and three seventh-graders, finished with a record of 5-12.



The Middle School Cross Country team has had a winning season under Coach David Henderson, competing in over four meets this season. The girls team has been especially successful, finishing as the top team in meets at Greenhill and St. Mark’s School of Texas.

“If you believe it, you can achieve it,” Henderson said, summing up his coaching philosophy.

“Coach Henderson has trained us both mentally and physically,” said seventh-grader Natalie Davidoff. “He always motivates us to do our best.”

Davidoff placed second at a recent meet at Trinity Christian Academy in Dallas.

“He’s an amazing coach,” said seventh-grade runner Presley Cason. “Cross country wasn’t my first pick, but he has made me a better runner”.

Cason placed second in her first two meets.