Boys and Girls Varsity Volleyball Take On SPC

Andrew Mann

Boys and Girls Volleyball end the year on hot streaks as they are each in the top three seeds heading into the Southwest Preparatory Conference.

The boys’ team is first with a record of 7-1 with their only loss from St. Marks School of Texas. The championships are being played at Greenhill, where senior team leaders Matthew Park and Ryan Fiedelman attempt to bring back the first title since 2017.

Going for their sixth SPC championship, the girls’ team is led by coach Tatiane Deibert and senior Tatum Sims, Mikah Finley and Alex Little. The team is currently 4-2 and is in third place for SPC north zone.

“I’m excited to compete with my team one last time as we try to accomplish our ultimate goal: SPC champions. I really like our chances as we are the #1 seed in the North and have a really good team heading into SPC,” said Fiedelman.