Southwest Preparatory Conference Recap

Daniela Hallack

On the weekend of February 10-12, Greenhill’s winter sports teams participated in the Southwest Preparatory Conference.

Varsity Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Basketball and Girls and Boys Swimming competed against other Texas private schools such as the Hockaday School, St. Marks School of Texas and Cistercian Preparatory School.

“I was pleased by the grit and determination of [the] athletes,” said Head of Athletics and Physical Education Jarrett Shine.


Boys Basketball

The Varsity Boys Basketball team played against Fort Worth Country Day School, St. Marks, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School and Episcopal High School (EHS).

Senior captains Lee Dort and Noah Shelby led the number one seed in the North Zone through many victories and an untimely loss against EHS in the championship.

The team beat St. Marks 55 to 46 and St. Andrews 87 to 42 but were defeated by EHS with a score of 55 to 54.


Girls Basketball

The Varsity Girls Basketball team played against St. Andrews, Kinkaid School, EHS and Trinity Valley School.

They won against St. Andrews with a score of 60 to 35 but were defeated by EHS. The team later went on to play Kinkaid and beat them for the third medal spot.

Senior Captain Mia Ness led her team through victories and losses with many “good memories” along the way.


Boys Soccer

The Varsity Boys Soccer team played against St. John’s Episcopal School, EHS, Casady School and St. Marks.

Senior captains Gideon Myers and Jack Vawrinek led their team to the third medal spot after they were victorious against St. Marks following their 3 to 1 loss to Casady.


Girls Soccer

The Varsity Girls Soccer team played against St. Stephens, EHS, and Kincaid.

Senior captains Erin Reynolds, Kendall Hashimoto and Claudia Hurst fought with the team through the fifth-place spot but unfortunately failed at grabbing the spot.


Girls and Boys Swimming

The Greenhill Swimming team competed at the Arlington Independent School District natatorium where students broke records and participated in diving and swimming races.

Senior captains, Chloe Merriman, Justin Yu and Diane Lin led their team through hurdles and sophomore Josie Arbuckle broke the school 200 free race record.