Primer Hosts 18th Annual Primer Pie Contest

Allie Schnitzer

On April 14th, the Primer class held the 18th annual Primer Pie Contest.

First, second, and third place winners were selected at the end of the contest. The voting was done by the primer class, as well as the other participants of the contest.

“We had an amazing array of entries, and it was a huge success!” said Primer Teacher Janice LaMendola in an email to Greenhill employees.

Third-Grade Humanities Teacher Hannah Harkey took the first-place prize with her entry titled “Piggie Pie.”

Kindergarten Teacher Bryce Sizemore swept the second-place award in his first time participating in the contest.

Third-Grade Humanities Teacher Karen Dzialowski received the third-place prize with the entry of her Boston Crème Pie, giving the third-grade wing a nearly full podium sweep.

LaMendola and her colleague Rhonda Bier are eager to see the participants back next year in the Fall of 2022 for the 19th annual Primer Pie Contest.