Ping Pong Tables Make a Return

Zara Paul

On Mar. 6, Dean of Students Jack Oros returned the ping pong tables to outside the Elliot Center in an effort to relax students and teachers, and bring back a long-lasting tradition.

The ping pong tables are put out at various times during the second semester, typically when students have lots of assignments, tests and quizzes. They will be put away after spring break and brought back around the last month or two of the school year.

Bringing out these ping pong tables has been a tradition for Greenhill, with one of the tables being donated by Dustin Wilen ‘17. Oros purchased new paddles and balls for the tables earlier this school year.

“I hope the kids have fun and take care of the equipment,” Oros said.

Students love to compete with one another during free periods, lunch or other breaks. Sophomore Mason Didlake says he participated in tournaments last year with his friends.

“I’m really excited for the ping pong tables to be back because last year it was a great way to de-stress,” Didlake said. “It was super fun to play against my friends.”

Students and faculty also compete with one another. Upper School English Teacher Alvaro Cantu frequently enjoys competing against students.

“It’s exciting having something which we get to enjoy each other’s company playing, but we can also be competitive with one another,” Cantu said.

Middle School students are also seen using the tables during their breaks. Occasionally, they play Upper School students and foster school-wide connections.

Freshmen who have not experienced the ping pong tables are excited to participate this semester; Ricardo Santisteban Conde sees this as an enticing opportunity.

“I’m so excited to experience the ping pong tables everyone talks about,” he said. “There is so much potential for students to enjoy them.”