Nashuna Ivy – Preschool/Kindergarten

Alex Han

Nashuna Ivy has been around children for as long as she can remember.

She grew up in Mississippi in a family of six, and her mother owned a daycare facility. Ivy says she soon realized that “kids were not only my passion but my purpose.”

Since August, Ivy has been on campus as a new Carter Associate Teacher, working with Preschool students at Greenhill.

Ivy says she didn’t always want to be a teacher. At first, she wanted to major in business entrepreneurship and start her own daycare, but it was still “working with children on the teaching level.”

She attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in family and child sciences.

Before coming to Greenhill, Ivy worked at Head Start of Greater Dallas/Robbie Jones Head Start. However, she had heard great things about Greenhill, which led her to apply for the Carter Associate Teacher position. Ivy loved what she learned about the mission and morals of Greenhill. She liked that everyone was encouraged to live in purpose and be themselves.

As soon as she had her interview for the Carter Associate Teacher position, she says she knew it was a perfect environment for her.

“People here just really care about you,” Ivy said.

Ivy says she has been enjoying her time at Greenhill so far.

“I love it here, love the kids,” Ivy said. “The kids are respectful and caring and they hold themselves to good standards.”

She also likes how the faculty and students both have a lot of freedom when on campus.

“My favorite subject to teach would have to be CR Success Literacy because not only is it a learning moment for the students, it is a learning moment for me also,” Ivy said.

In this class, students focus on emphasizing letter sounds and the formation of letters.

Ivy wants to help children see the world in a new way, and she feels she is doing that by teaching Kindergarten in the Preschool division

“It gives me the opportunity to give the foundations for reading and writing as the social-emotional skills that are essential in child development,” Ivy said.