Middle School Quiz Bowl Goes to Chicago

Allie Schnitzer

On Friday, May 6, Greenhill will be sending 26 students to Chicago to compete in the National Academic Quiz Tournament’s Middle School National Championship Tournament.

There will be four teams competing, ranging from fifth grade to eighth grade.  They will be competing on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th.

Four fifth-grade students will compete in the competition: Lekha Chavala, Benedetta Gennarelli, Evan Huang, and Adam Tawil.

The ten sixth graders who will attempt to win the first-place prize are Cannon Beatry, Ansh Gandhi, Adam Haq, Tomal Kahn, Connor Kim, Bryan Kuang, Arman Makhani, Dylan Shah, Maddie Vigeant, and Lucas Zhu.

Six seventh-grade students will strive to win the gold medal for the Hornets.  These students are Akash Bose, Naomi Huang, Lydia Kerridge, Henry Lipnik, Vikram Sampath, and Smriti Siva.

In addition to the fifth, sixth, and seventh graders, there are six eighth-grade students competing: Maya Jagi, Aaron Kuang, Hasan Makhani, Vijay Naidu, Kate Ponnambalam, and Evan Senvalds.

“Helping students become curious, life-long learners is what makes me excited about Quizbowl,” said Middle School History teacher and Quizbowl coach James Herman.