Varsity Boys Basketball Begins Preseason Workouts

Zara Paul and Eitan Hahn

Varsity boys basketball preseason practices have already displayed the potential and commitment of players trying out for the program, according to Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Joey Sims.   


“The practices are voluntary, so players can just come in if they want to,” Sims said. “It’s been a good turnout. I feel like it’s going very well.”  


Sims says that the skill level of the student-athletes so far is flourishing because many of them put in hours both inside and outside of school. 


Besides allowing players to improve their skills, practices also allow the players to bond. 


“These kids get along really well, even the new ones here on campus,” said Sims. “Chemistry has never been an issue.”


Sophomore Micah Robinson, a new addition to the team this year, says the players’ strong relationships with each other will be crucial to helping them get through a busy schedule once the season starts on Nov. 12. 


“We’ve been connecting pretty well in the morning, workouts and afternoon ones,” Robinson said. 


Later in the season, the varsity boys basketball team will compete in the Kevin Durant Hoopfest at Waxahachie High School. The game on Dec. 11 will premiere on ESPN for viewers nationwide to enjoy. Greenhill will face Prolific Prep, ranked as one of the top 10 teams in the country.  


Both Sims and Robinson have high hopes for what the team can accomplish this season.   


“Every year I go in, I want to win a Southwest Preparatory Conference Championship. I say that year in and year out,” said Sims.   


“We have high expectations for this year,” said Robinson. “I’m expecting to win SPC.”