Visual Arts Exhibition Coincides With Fall Play Production

Andrew Mann and Sumana Kethu

For the first time in nearly two years, there will be a Visual Arts Exhibition on the floor of the Marshall Family Performing Arts Center (MPAC) from Oct. 27 through Nov. 30.

On the second opening day, Oct. 28, a reception will take place to showcase the pieces of art before the Upper School Fall Drama. In the exhibit will be all of Upper School visual arts, including sculpture, ceramics, two-dimensional art, painting, drawing and photography.

“I’ve never had my work shown before, and for it to be in the MPAC, I’m very excited for my artwork to be shown to others,” said Photo 2 student sophomore Mason Chow.

During the showcase, the artwork can be viewed at any time. The flexibility of the showcase is in significant contrast to the restrictions visual arts faced last year due to COVID-19.

“Last year was a huge challenge because of [COVID-19] and we shut down the gallery,” said Upper School Visual Art teacher Frank Lopez. “It’s a wonderful time to share our student artwork and to promote our programs.”

The process students went through to decide which of their art would be selected for the showcase varied between visual arts classes.

“Mr. Lopez had me submit two photos, and one would be picked in the showcase,” said Chow.

Students say they have worked hard to make this showcase as best as possible because they haven’t been able to have their art displayed at an event like this since before the pandemic occurred.

“I’m very proud of the artwork that is being displayed,” said Co-President of the Arts Board senior Josh Rubel.