Update: A Look at the Return to Campus in September


Photo by Jothi Gupta

Each desks is apart from the other in the Upper School as well since they are single desks, as opposed to the Lower School.

Emma Light, News Editor

After two weeks of in-person classes, students returning to campus find a whole new environment — one with one way hallways and sidewalks and bathroom passes.

Every part of a student’s day is carefully outlined so that contact tracing is doable. Community times, club meetings, and lunches are all with advisories. Even if students are on campus, clubs must be run on a meeting via Microsoft Teams. When students have an off period they are placed into a study hall room, all while wearing masks and keeping social distance.

“As a club president, meeting over teams has been really accessible and still a good way to connect with my peers,” said senior Lucy Sayah.

Both teachers and students are adjusting to learning in a hybrid setting with some students in the class and others online via Microsoft Teams. Because there are still students online that need a screen break, there is a fifteen-minute passing period between each class. This time allows for students who are in person to spray down their desks and walk their next class where they wipe down their desk.

Some teachers provide students who are in person with a mask break where students go outside and, if comfortable, take their masks while keeping a far distance from other, meanwhile students learning online get a screen break.

“Masks breaks during classes are really nice because the class gets to go outside and get some fresh air and relax a little,” said Sayah.