The Weekly Buzz: Fine Arts Faculty Accomplishments


Alyssa Miller, Arts Columnist

In a summer like no other and a school year different from one we have ever experienced, Greenhill Fine Arts teachers have still found ways to showcase their skills.

Middle and Upper School Technical Theater teacher Will Turbyne recently received recognition for his outstanding work designing the set for The Children, a Tony-nominated Broadway production which was performed at the Stage West Theater in Fort Worth.

The play takes place in a seaside cottage on the east coast of England. Two retired nuclear scientists are surprised when their former colleague reappears one night. The three of them proceed to share stories, secrets and old jealousies over dinner. As the conversation ensues, the former colleague of the pair admits the real reason for her sudden return. The story takes a haunting turn that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

The Children played at Stage West from April 9 to April 29.

“Theatre is such a collaborative endeavor, it sometimes feels strange to be recognized for your contribution to a project.  It was such a great play to work on – with such important and timely subject matter. And a great team of artists,” said Turbyne. “I am indebted to Stage West and their technical staff who put in such a great effort to see the design realized. But perhaps the best part was working with Greenhill’s own Mrs. Burns, who did the lighting design. It was talking with her during rehearsals that I learned about the job at Greenhill!”

Next up is Middle and Upper School 3D Art Teacher Paige Furr, who has gained recognition for her ceramics, which have been accepted to several art shows across the U.S.

Furr has been working with ceramics for thirty years, and creates her work at her home studio using the potter’s wheel and hand building technique including slab and press molds for the clay.

She was invited to exhibit her ‘Industrial Container’ art piece at the “delecTABLE; the fine art of dining” show in Denver. Her industrial container is a hand-built piece that she made by using molds to shape the clay.

Furr was also asked to show her work in the “Cheers! Drink Up!” art show that was held in Manitou Springs, Colorado. This show revolved around the idea of a celebration for the ceramic drinking vessel.

The artists who were asked to exhibit their work in the latter show also contributed a blog post to the show’s website. In Furr’s excerpt, she spoke about the first time she discovered her love for ceramics.

“I first became interested in ceramics while admiring a close friend’s Japanese Dragon roof tile his mother had acquired,” Furr wrote. “When I began taking a ceramics class in high school and first touched clay, I knew this was my medium.”

In addition to the Colorado shows, Furr was also asked to be a participant in the Blue Line Arts exhibit called “Off Center,” in Roseville, California.

Following this exciting news, Upper School Visual Arts teacher Frank Lopez has been awarded this year’s Callanan Excellence in Teaching Award. This award honors a teacher’s commitment to their students as well as their field.

In addition to the recognition, the award recipient wins a $5,000 cash award, entry in the 2021 Review Santa Fe Photo Festival and a free Supporting Level Membership with CENTER, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for the highest-level photographers.

It is wonderful to see that Covid-19 has not stopped Greenhill faculty from letting their creativity shine.