Seniors Hope for More Normal Year


Photo by Ravi Vasan

Seniors in courtyard during break.

Ria Agarwal

As everyone returns back to campus and many COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, seniors say they are excited for their year of being the leaders on campus.

Greenhill has a lot of traditions that seniors lead for underclassmen. After watching previous seniors deal with the abundance of restrictions that affected these traditions, the Class of 2022 is content with what they have right now.

“Honestly, I think we’ve been able to do a lot but a lot of it has to do with comparing it to last year when they could do like nothing,” said senior Claudia Hurst.

There was a lot of talk during the summer among the administration about what the policies were going to be like during the 2021-2022 school year regarding masks, in-person school, activities and sports. The decisions could have gone either way but the seniors seem satisfied with the outcomes.

“Of course I wish it could be completely normal, but I do realize that we are in a pandemic, and this is already a huge step up from where I thought we would be by now,” said senior Aimee Stachowiak.

A lot of seniors have been looking forward to senior events and activities ever since they entered Upper School.

“I have always looked forward to the aspect of seniority in school like being able to stand at the front of the student section and having the courtyard,” said senior Jack Wimberly. “Also, having my name on the water tower was something that I definitely looked forward to.”

“When I was an underclassman, the thing I looked forward to most was being the ‘top dog on campus.’ It’s nice to finally be a senior and be acknowledged as the oldest kids on campus,” said senior Ryan Fiedelman. “It’s something I have looked forward to since I was at [Pre-Kindergarten] at Greenhill, and it definitely lives up to the hype.”

Another big thing for seniors at Greenhill is sports, and this year they have the chance to participate in a lot more events than last year. These include turnabout games, the homecoming football game, tournaments and traveling.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie from the senior class that elevates the team and so I’ve been excited to be a leader,” said Hurst.

“Last year, fans weren’t allowed at any of the sports games, so I’m super excited to have fans in the stands for my last year as an athlete,” said Fiedelman. “I’m also really excited to get to go and support my friends when they play their sport.”