The Buzz Campus Store is Back

Hayden Sampson and Laird Burke

The Buzz has officially reopened this year after its storefront closed during the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like other buildings on campus, masks must be worn inside the store.

With the store in person this year, business has increased and is extremely popular as a place where students can accessibility buy school supplies, food and school merchandise.

The store offers products from clothing brands like Champion, Nike and Vineyard Vines and has refined its product offerings based on popularity.

This year, new apparel has been introduced to The Buzz. New items include sweaters and branded hoodies.

Their bestselling apparel products are two styles of Greenhill sweatshirts, and their bestselling food products are cookies.



“Cookies come through a third party, and we bake them every morning,” Campus Store Manager Anneli Phillip said. “With the new season coming they are changing their microwavable goods.”

During Homecoming, The Buzz further expanded their selection of products like candies, chips and sodas through a pop-up shop, which provided good sales Phillip said.

The Buzz was very busy and sold numerous apparel and accessory products. Some of the most popular items consisted of green and white eye black and beads, which everyone was wearing during sporting events and the pep rally.

Overall, the Buzz produced good sales this Homecoming and is even expecting to further expand their product options in the future, Phillip said.