The Buzz Brings Back Student Accounts

Justin Wu and Yichen Shi

Student debit accounts have resumed at the Greenhill campus store, marking the end of another COVID-19 restriction in campus life. 

The Buzz, the school’s community store, is an important place in the daily lives of Greenhill students. Offering snacks and beverages, it allows a respite from classes or sports.  

The store’s wide variety of school materials and gear also create a straightforward way for students to be prepared for classes. 

“I think it is like a safe space,” Buzz manager Anneli Phillip said in an interview, “I know a lot of my students love coming there just to get their snacks in between classes. I know that the curriculum is really rigorous. So, it’s important to take healthy breaks and know how to balance that.” 

During the past couple years, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the entire world. Restrictions such as masks and reduced travel had to be created to fight the virus. When students returned to campus last year, there were also many precautions at school to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

These restrictions included masking in class and restricting large gatherings of students. However, classes were not the only thing affected by restrictions. Last year, no Middle School students were allowed inside the Buzz and workers had to make sure that only a certain number of people were inside the store. 

“This year, it’s a lot easier,” said Phillip, “We don’t have to police the kids, I don’t have to make sure there’s like a set number of kids in the store. I feel like me and Eric [Francis, a Buzz employee] have a lot more room to breathe. Before we were cleaning every surface.” 

Besides the mask protocol, one of the biggest effects of COVID-19 was the loss of Buzz accounts for payment of store purchases. For a time, The Buzz only took online orders, and then the store decided to remove the Buzz accounts. 

Since Sept. 23, students once again have had access to Buzz account numbers that allow for the purchase materials without the need for cash, or debit cards or credit cards. Instead, a student’s parents can load money onto their child’s Buzz account. 

“I personally think it’s beneficial,” said freshman Declan Kirk.  “Now I don’t have to carry change around, and if I forget cash, it’s not like I won’t get a snack.”