Students Fight For Social Equity Through Club

Daniela Hallack

The Students for Social Equity club is a new club that was created to fight for racial justice and to be a safe space for those who need one.

The club was created in May of 2021 by junior Sophia Mohamed, who wanted to create a space for people of the Black community and other minority communities to come together at Greenhill.

“I felt like as soon as I came here, my Blackness was really amplified,” Mohamed said.

Juniors Erica Fulbright and Azal Amer are two other leaders who play a valuable role in this club. Fulbright and Amer contribute to this club, but other upperclassmen are vital to this club as well.

The club will focus on races represented in the club, but all people regardless of their racial identity are welcome to join.

Greenhill is known to be a very diverse school, one that preaches inclusivity and uplifts its community. Being a student of color in this community is a lot harder than it seems. That is one of the main reasons why this club was created, for students of all ages in the Upper School to speak out about their concerns. Mohamed believes that this club can help Greenhill reach its standard and help students let out their emotions in a trusted environment.

The club’s mission statement is to “provide the Greenhill community with the training and tools to form shared alliances, call out injustice and actively fight for racial justice in our own communities.”

Allyship is often discussed in the club meetings that are held. Many of the members in this club pride themselves on, not only being an ally but also forming relationships with others.

“I’ve been very passionate about spurring conversation on microaggressions,” Fulbright said.

Students like Fulbright want a community to embrace change and find a way to improve our community. Micro Aggressions have been talked about in the past and are now more prevalent than ever. In this club not only will students’ voices be heard but they will be put into action by students and adults all over campus.

“A lot of the time, people like to overpower the oppressed words and stories as their way of showing allyship. This club is going to focus on new ways to take on allyships and opening up about situations in our community and the world,” Mohamed said.

I want to bring people together and fight for racial injustice. I am just overwhelmed with excitement,” Mohamad said.