Student Chairs Prepare for 11th Annual Greenhill Charity Fashion Show

Stephanie Rojas

This year the 11th annual Greenhill Charity Fashion Show will be taking place on Feb. 27, 2022, at Cristi’s Banquet Hall. 

The chairs for this year’s event are seniors Claudia Hurst and Ellie Feldman as well as juniors Campbell Scheer and Emily Kim. They have been planning and preparing for the past six months. 

Hurst and Feldman have been involved in this event since last year when they were the junior chairs. To be part of the board for the event students must be chosen by the rising senior co-chairs. 

“Junior year we were mostly learning what to do and this year it’s our job to basically do it all and it can be overwhelming but it’s nice to see our progress form last year,” said Hurst. 

For the past two years the chairs have been hosting this event to donate to the Grant Halliburton Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to prevent suicide and raise awareness for mental health. Greenhill has previously worked with the foundation during other charity projects.  

To raise money for their chosen charity, the chairs do research to get raffle items for people to bid on and sell tickets to the event. These items include Soul Cycle classes, and gift cards to iL Brocco and Bird Bakery. 

In previous years, they have raised upwards of $21,000. This year, Hurst said that they have raised $12,000 so far.  

When it comes to the clothes and donations from businesses, the co-chairs must do extensive research and communicating.  

“Since the summer we’ve been working on getting raffle items and reaching out to businesses for clothes they’d be willing to donate, which is the biggest part of the work we do,” Scheer said. 

Beyond the clothing donations, the students also must work with the businesses to schedule fittings for the students that volunteer to model for the show.  

“It’s a lot of small helps from people that make a bigger help,” Kim said.  

The hard work being done by these students is reflected by the execution of the show every year. All these little moving parts and preparation translate into this big show.