Stringing for Love

Ethan Vicknair and Noah Piper

An abundance of new clubs has been created for the 2021-22 school year, and one such club named “Stringing for Love” seeks to make and donate bracelets to various hospitals and charities. The bracelets that are given to patients have encouraging words and phrases on them.

“I feel like, when you go into a hospital, and when you have a sickness, are hurt, are working towards a goal, or are in a mental health hospital, you lose a lot of hope,” said sophomore Alex Giorgadze, one of the club’s co-founders, alongside sophomore Zander Kennedy.

Giorgadze said Kennedy was the inspiration behind this club.  Kennedy was in a car crash over this past summer, so he was only able to do certain activities throughout the day.  Making bracelets was one of them.

“It’s a calming activity that doesn’t require a lot of movement or thinking,” said Giorgadze. “He and his mom and his family have been making bracelets throughout the day to make the time go by.”

“I look up to their [family’s] strength,” said Giorgadze. Through the tough time, Kennedy has been going through, everything others have done for him mattered to Kennedy. The other kids and adults in these hospitals need support, too, just like Kennedy did. That’s why even a small act of kindness like a bracelet with encouraging words can help.

“Our main mission is to bring joy and happiness into adults and children’s lives,” Giorgadze said.

The club not only aims to bring joy into patients’ lives, but it also seeks to bring joy to the students who make the bracelets: while volunteers work, music and movies will be available for their enjoyment.

The club benefits all, both hospital patients and the volunteers for the club.