Sophomore Henry Zhong’s Journey to the Golf Course


Photo by Eitan Hahn

Hayden Sampson

While most two-year-olds were perfecting walking and communication, sophomore Henry Zhong was picking up a golf club for the first time.

Even though Zhong started playing at the age of two, his first tournament was not until after his ninth birthday.

In his first year of golf, he picked up two victories. However, his game did not fully develop until his teenage years.

“During the early to mid stages of COVID-19 was when my love for the game truly blossomed. When everything shut down, the only thing left to do was go out on the course,” said Zhong.

With time on his hands due to the pandemic, Zhong found himself honing his skills and dedicating himself to his craft, which ultimately created positive results.

“My hours spent practicing and playing increased dramatically, and I found myself enthralled by golf’s hills and valleys,” said Zhong.

The time he spent working paid off. He won twice on the highest level of golf offered by the North Texas Professional Golf Association, the All-American Tour.

As a freshman in high school, Zhong won the Prestonwood Christian Academy Shootout with a score of 69, one under the par of 70. He won the event by seven shots.

In his second year of high school, Zhong won the Lost Pines Invitational, a tournament for the top private schools in the state of Texas. The field consisted of several senior collegiate golf commits. He won with a three under 69 on day one and closed it out with 71 on day two.

“Henry has a really well-rounded game and is a very hard worker. He’s definitely someone I look up to,” said freshman Adam Strauss.

Then just two weeks later, he finished third in the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) championships.

Zhong is currently ranked 84th in the Class of 2025 and looks to play division one (D1) in college.

“Everyone wishes to turn pro, but with my game right now, I would say playing for a D1 college is the goal,” said Zhong.

As for another goal, he wants to bring a golf SPC title back to Greenhill for the first time since 2000.

“I would definitely like to see Greenhill win SPCs before my time with school comes to a close,” said Zhong.