Senior Profile: Johrdyn Tarpeh

Ethan Vicknair

From her experiences in track to her leadership position in the Black Student Union at Greenhill, senior Johrdyn Tarpeh has gained leadership and teamwork skills that will carry over to college..

Tarpeh is considering attending Brown University or Duke to continue her academic and athletic career, participate in groups similar to BSU and pursue pre-med programs.

The transition from high school to college highlights the many differences between the two, but the biggest difference is independence.

“I look forward to the independence…and being in charge of my own life,” Tarpeh said.

For Tarpeh, track has developed a lot of independence and leadership skills. She has been running track since 6th grade, after quitting soccer due to three concussions.

“I like the competitiveness [of track], I think it’s a very individual sport and very mental. I like challenging myself and working to get better every day,” Tarpeh said.

Tarpeh has pushed herself to get better at track through mental and physical preparation outside of practices. Besides her team and club practices at Major Impact Track Club,

Tarpeh dedicates lots of time to track, making it difficult to keep up with schoolwork at times.

“Being at Greenhill has been hard for me to balance my schedule, and I think in college it will be a lot easier. I’m excited to see what that transition will be like,” said Tarpeh.

Even though Tarpeh has a busy schedule, she also finds time to lead the BSU, opening conversations about black culture and experiences among members of BSU. Her leadership experiences here at Greenhill will prepare her for college.