Senior Kuran Patel Plays a Vital Role In Greenhill Theater and Improv

Noah Piper

Senior Kuran Patel found his calling at Greenhill through acting and improv ever since he started attending Greenhill as a primer student.

He has participated in numerous activities in such as improv, cross country, track, soccer, and football, but acting and improv have remained his main focus throughout high school.

He expresses his gratitude towards improv and how it has made him a better person.

“It’s helped me build a lot of character and allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and gain a lot of confidence with talking to people,” said Patel. “Just like talking to a group of people, and just to like not to care what people think about you.”

Patel said the improv troupe has allowed him to meet new people and create a lot of great memories.

He said his favorite thing about Greenhill was “definitely the improv troupe. It’s really fun, we come at like 7 a.m. two to three times a week.”

One of his proudest accomplishments in his time at Greenhill has been this year’s fall play, in which he played a major role.

“The fall play this year was really cool,” Patel said. “I really enjoyed that, and I thought that was really well set.”

In addition to all his in-school activities, he enjoys using his abilities to help other people.

“I play the guitar outside of school,” said Patel. “Sometimes I volunteer for planned parenthood.”

Patel is still undecided about what college he will be attending but has a fair idea of what he would like to do in the future. He wishes to continue his acting through college, and even beyond that point to pursue his dream.

“I full sent it, no backups just trying to get to Hollywood and act, and to see what happens after that,” he said.