Senior Krutin Devesh Reflects on His Time at Greenhill

Aman Jaleel

As senior Krutin Devesh’s time at Greenhill comes to a close, he reflects on the lasting impact band and debate had on him, academically and personally.

Devesh started debate in ninth grade when he entered Greenhill and has continued to pursue it throughout high school.

“I’ve heard of the program being super good,” Devesh said. “I just wanted to try it out.”

Devesh partakes in Lincoln-Douglas debate, which is a one-on-one style debate.

Although Devesh was initially unsure about his decision to begin debate, he said that it taught him valuable life skills.

“I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would,” Devesh said. “I think debate is very formative on the way that I look at the world now.”

Devesh said debate has also helped him in other areas of his academics, and in improving the way he thinks.

“Debate gave me a lot of skills that I could use: being able to find articles quickly, and how to take evidence and compartmentalize it in a way it makes sense,” Devesh said.

According to Devesh, debate will aid him as he pursues a major in philosophy, politics, and economics in college.

“When I entered freshman year, I had no clue what I wanted to do,” Devesh said. “The major that I want to pursue right now has a lot to do with my experience with debate.”

Along with debate, Devesh joined Greenhill Band his freshman year, playing the bassoon, a large double-reed woodwind instrument in the oboe family.

The bassoon is not a common instrument at Greenhill; Devesh joined the band as the only bassoon player.

“I’m always surprised when we have bassoon players. It’s the one instrument that is difficult to start, difficult to play well, and we typically do not have one in our ensemble,” Director of Band Brian Donnell said.

Devesh has enjoyed his time playing for Greenhill’s band throughout his four years of high school.

“Band was the place which helped me destress a lot throughout the day,” Devesh said. “It gave me a lot more appreciation for music and music has always been a big part of my life.”

During his time playing the bassoon at Greenhill, Devesh received a spot on the all-state band twice and played in a festival orchestra at the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest his freshman year.

“He has continued to improve with his playing, and he’s very talented,” Donnell said. “But I’d like to think the most important area he’s grown is his maturity as a musician and member.”

Although Devesh has enjoyed his time in debate and band at Greenhill, he hopes to try out new hobbies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he will attend college.

“I am looking forward to trying new things that I didn’t have the opportunity to do here,” Devesh said.