Senior Drew Muller Leads Baseball Team into SPC

Declan Kirk

Greenhill varsity baseball captain Drew Muller strives to lead the team to a Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) championship after a successful four-win, one-loss start.

The Greenhill baseball team is ranked first in the North 4A division, and second overall. According to Muller, they aim to maintain the two seed as they prepare for the upcoming game against St. Marks School of Texas on April 21.

Muller played both football and basketball through middle school but fell in love with baseball after spending summers with his grandpa watching it.

He started playing baseball when he was three years old and 15 years later is in his fourth and last year playing varsity for Greenhill.

Muller appreciates his brother, Drake Muller ‘20, for exemplifying the dedication and hard work it takes and how he needs to miss out on some high school experiences to train and reach the bigger goal.

He wants to replicate his brother’s actions and improve the team by setting an example for the younger players on varsity and junior varsity.

“Knowing that everyone is looking at you, what you do will get repeated, you have to set an example for everyone,” Muller said.

Freshman and junior varsity baseball player, Andrew Hough, says Muller gives tips and helps him improve his game when the teams have fielding practice together. Hough appreciates how Muller encourages younger players and compliments them when they make a good play.

“He is a kind mentor to all the players on the team,” Hough said.

Sophomore and varsity baseball player, Jack Stone, shares a similar experience to Muller because they play the same position.

Stone says part of the team’s success is due to Muller scheduling and leading off-season practices during the fall and winter.

“He is a leader. He is constantly helping run practice and making sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” Stone said.

Muller wants to finish off his high school baseball career with an SPC championship and pushes his teammates to work as hard as they can to achieve this goal.

“I believe we have the talent, and the leadership of guys like [Muller] to lead this team far in the tournament,” said Stone.

One of Muller’s short-term goals is to beat St. Marks School of Texas on Friday, April 21.

According to Muller, he wants both himself and his team to play at their highest potential. “I just want to win,” he said.