Robotics Ends Their Season with Success

Alfred Hoak and Jack Stone

On Saturday, Feb. 12, two out of three of the Greenhill robotics teams, Viridian and CodeRed, competed in the North Texas Super Qualifier. Viridian reached the final four while CodeRed finished in the top 12.

The final team, the Motorheads were unable to make it to the Super Qualifier.

“We were not able to effectively change our strategy to score better during the competition,” said sophomore Aditya Pulipaka.

During the competition, each team must complete a task that they have been preparing for all year and then get points based on how well they complete it. Whichever team gets the highest number of points gets to move on to the next round.

“You have to qualify to go to the championship, which is the best of every state. Then you try to pass the regionals, which is North Texas,” Upper School Computer Science and Robotics Teacher Maria Suarez said. “Once you pass those, you get to the regionals, and then only three teams make it to the world championship.”

Suarez was very proud of how the teams did this season.

“All of them did very good,” Suarez said.“We got recognition and we had 12 trophies this year.”

Senior Aarian Dhanani, who has been a member of Viridian for multiple years, said he was very pleased with their performance this year.

“It is a really good way to end off our robotics career at Greenhill,” Dhanani said.

Viridian had a very successful season, going all the way to the regional championships. They also won a plethora of awards throughout the season. They won the Inspire second and third place, the Control Award, The Collins Aerospace Innovate Award, and they were a Motivate Award finalist.

“This is probably the best year of Viridian by far,” Dhanani said.

Another team that did well was CodeRed. CodeRed is a rookie team, and they did not have much experience before this year. They consist of purely freshmen aside from one senior. They won the control award and the design award

“We are a rookie team, so we are proud of how we did,” freshman CodeRed member Michelle Akins said.

For next year, CodeRed plans to improve as a team and incorporate more sensors and cameras to help in the competitions said Akins.