New Beginnings at the Greenhill Library


Photo courtesy of Ravi Vasan

Upper School students reading and doing homework in the Montgomery Library.

Daniela Hallack and Allie Schnitzer

The Greenhill Montgomery Library is now open, after being closed for a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The library previously included study rooms, places to work on projects, a lounge, the nurse’s office and a selection of hand-picked books. Due to COVID-19, the 2021-2022 school year will not include the nurse’s office. Another feature that has been taken away due to low ventilation is the ability to work in a study room with multiple people.

The library has installed high-end HVAC vents to keep the students safe while they can enjoy the privileges of having a space such as this one.

“We really didn’t see students that often and we were very lonely,” Head Librarian Abby Harrison said. “It’s probably our favorite part of our job is to see students and we didn’t get to do that.”

Within roughly 1263 students at Greenhill School, Harrison and other librarians only got to see “one class at a time.”

Many students were disappointed that they were not able to use the library the past school year, and they are now excited for the library to finally be back open.

“We are really lucky to use the library this year because I think that it can help us in our learning, and we can use research in school,” said sixth-grader Elena Kramer.

“When we had COVID we didn’t really go in [the library] but now we can,” sixth-grader Natalie Davidoff said.

The students at Greenhill have felt that the Greenhill community should not take the library for granted. It is an exciting space to be in and they feel fortunate to have it.

“Being able to go in and see all of the literature and knowledge that’s in there and that’s being the most exciting thing,” said Middle School English Teacher Natalie Nihill-Ruberto.

Teachers all around campus share a similar sentiment and are ready to get their students back in class.

“The library in a lot of ways is the heart of the school,” said Nihill-Ruberto.