Read Across America Comes to Greenhill

Ella Sadka and Amani Shetty

To commemorate March as national reading month, the National Education Association (NEA) holds the nation’s largest celebration of reading: Read Across America.

Read Across America celebrates reading across the nation and provides students with the opportunity to learn about identity and diversity.

According to, the NEA is “as diverse as the students [they] represent, but united in [their] purpose: championing justice and excellence in public education”.

The NEA encourages children of all ages to become avid readers and spark interest in individual identities as well as the world as a whole.

Read Across America Day is Mar. 2, which is also purposefully Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Nowadays, the NEA does not associate itself with Dr. Seuss, but the date has remained an important part of Read Across America.

The Greenhill library is celebrating Read Across America from Feb. 27 to Mar. 6. Read Across America hosts a diverse display of books for children to reflect on and learn about both similar and different life experiences.

Lower School Librarian Carrie Martin says the books displayed help readers feel included, recognized, and a part of the world.

A Facebook group called “The Learning Librarians” offers 58 Capstone e-books which will be available to read for free throughout the week. Capstone e-books are a diverse selection of free e-books.

The NEA has made Read Across America a community event, and Martin says she appreciates being able to celebrate reading, having equal access to books and having a library.

Martin plans to read a variety of literature to students to motivate and teach students about reading.

“We want kids to want to come to the library,” Martin said.