Professional Assesses Greenhill’s Athletics Program


Photo by Aiden White

Gracie Tamez

Greenhill School hired Tim Green, a certified master athletic administrator, to conduct an assessment of the school’s athletic program’s strengths and weaknesses.

Green has a successful record with athletic leadership at independent schools, which includes overseeing teams, coaching staff, developing the budget, the facilities, mentoring programs and more.

According to Athletic Director Jarrett Shine, the athletic department wanted to bring Green in to “identify some of the weaknesses and strengths to have the opportunity to improve in different areas so we can provide a great experience to all of our student-athletes.”

The assessment was conducted in the fall, but its findings were released in late March.

“He [Green] took a little bit of time to put the report together,” said Shine. “That took us a little bit of time to sort of dive into it and find out some of the things that we really needed to work on and then devise our own plan as a result of that.”

The assessment was done by reviewing athletic policies and facilities, in-person interviews and online surveys. Green reviewed the written schools’ policies and participation rates/numbers and conducted a vast number of interviews with coaches, student-athletes, parents and school administrators.

The assessment resulted in summaries of the findings within the policies and with information and opinions gathered from the surveys and interviews. It also reported the areas of strength, areas for growth, immediate needs, short-term needs and long-term needs.

“We’re starting to roll some things out this spring and testing it out,” said Shine. “Most of the changes required we will require the fall season, but hopefully, we’ll roll out the changes we’re looking for.”

Many students have expressed positive opinions on the fact that the athletic assessment was done but also expressed the lack of visibility in the changes.

“I think it was a very good idea for the department to be assessed,” said sophomore cheerleader Jane Hark. “I haven’t seen many changes, so I think a follow up on what the department has changed or is in the process of would be very helpful.”

Many athletes are looking forward to seeing improvements during the fall season of their sports.

“I’m excited for football season,” said sophomore football player Juan Orozco. “I feel like this year will be so much better, and I’m glad that Greenhill took the time and energy to do the assessment.”

The problems identified during the assessment will be worked towards over the course of the 2023-2024 school year.

“I’m super excited about the changes we’re going to make,” said Shine. “We’re hoping to have a good partnership with the families that are involved. I think it’s going to be a better experience for everybody.”