Primer to Perform “Sound of Swine”

The Primer Play is a long-standing tradition at Greenhill, and this year it will take place on Thursday, May 5th, from 10:00 am-11:00 am.

The Primer Play has been a tradition for nearly 35 years, and the plays that the students perform are on a four-year cycle.  The productions in the cycle include “Sound of Swine,” “Professor Noah’s Spaceship,” “Who is in Rabbits House” and “Bremen Town Musicians.”

This year’s play is “Sound of Swine,” and it is directed by Primer teachers Rhonda Bier and Janice LaMendola.

“The play is about a pig who makes up a song and no one wants to listen to him,” said Bier. “He keeps going around trying to get someone to listen to him until someone does.”

The students have been preparing for several months, but they have had to be flexible due to COVID-19 regulations.

“Initially, [the students] started preparing in January, and then decided to move it to the Spring in hopes to do it unmasked,” said Bier and LaMendola.

Bier and LaMendola have been making the props and costumes at home and at school for about a month, and they are looking forward to seeing the students’ hard work pay off during the production.