Photography Students Place in Architecture and Design Exchange


Photo Courtesy of Frank Lopez

William Maher

Four Greenhill Upper School photographers placed in the Architecture and Design Exchange (ADEX) contest. While they submitted their works at the end of March, the results came out in late April. They are on exhibition until June 10 in the ADEX building in downtown Dallas.

The students who received awards are freshman Hank Utay, sophomore Andrew Cai, sophomore Grant Van Boven and freshman Antonio Velazquez.

Velazquez won the honor award. The honor award is given to the best piece in each artistic medium. In addition, the winner receives a cash prize of $50.

Utay, Cai and Van Boven all received jury citations, which are citations of appraisal from the jury of the contest.

Van Boven said he “felt good” about his work and expressed his excitement over receiving an appraisal from the jury.

Eighth grade photographers, Chloe Tandon and Vivek Thankavel both received praise for their work.

Tandon won an honor award and Thankavel received a citation appraisal from the jury. Tandon also received a cash prize of $50.

The exhibition was hosted by the Architecture and Design Exchange (ADEX) and was available to Middle and Upper School students around the DFW area. While the deadline was Mar. 31, the results recently came out.

In order to enter the contest, the art was required to depict architecture in some manner. In addition to photography, the exhibition was open to students in the artistic mediums of painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking and sculpture.

Van Boven found his inspiration while on vacation in Montana.

“I was on vacation, and I saw these silos and thought they would be great for a photo,” Van Boven said.

The exhibition was free to enter, and each student could submit a maximum of three pieces.

Their work is available to see at the downtown location of ADEX until June 15. An exhibit of all the submitted work will be shown on the second floor of the Marshall Family Performing Arts Center (MPAC) and will begin on May 15.