Orchestra Performs Last Concert of the Year


Photo Courtesy of Aaron Johnson

Juan Barrientos

The Upper School orchestra held a concert on May 8 in Rose Hall. The concert began at 6:30 P.M. and marked the last concert of the year for artists. Though, the artists will be playing at the end-of-year graduation and baccalaureate ceremony.

They will be playing a variety of pieces with different artists in the orchestra.

The first pieces will be played by underclassmen, and gradually the upperclassmen will join them in their playing. They will also be playing small pieces with three to four artists in a group; often referred to as a quartet.

Then, they will end with one piece played by the upperclassmen, and a few underclassmen.

“The senior group has been really good leaders for the younger members. Losing the seniors last year was hard on the group at first, but the group has grown stronger together since then,” junior violist Alex Wetzler said.

The graduating seniors will also be individually recognized at the concert as it will be the last official concert for the seniors.