One Giant…Lie?

Daniela Hallack

From fake moon landings to Mattress Firm money laundering operations, Greenhill School’s, Conspiracy Theories Club is the place to talk about it all.

Seniors Avery Franks and Claudia Hurst have led the club since their sophomore year.

“At our first meeting every year, we go around and ask everyone what their favorite conspiracy theory is,” Franks said.

The club will have a “running list” of topics to discuss that align with the interests of members, Franks said.

There are quite a few freshman students who have expressed curiosity about the club. “I am interested to talk about Princess Diana’s death because that is a really big conspiracy theory with a lot of layers to discuss,” said freshman Aria Kutty.

Hurst’s passion for conspiracy theories had been put on hold by the COVID-19 pandemic, but in-person meetings are now resuming.

“I love history and there are some phenomena that never made sense to me,” Hurst said. “I would find myself just reading online about them since I was in Middle School.”

Both Franks and Hurst say they are excited to get the club up and running again.

“My favorite thing is when we get into a really deep discussion and everyone is participating,” Franks said.