Ninth Grade Student Council Officers Have Been Elected

Eitan Hahn and Hayden Sampson

Aman Jaleel has won the Ninth Grade Class Presidential Election. He will be supported by Aria Kutty as the Vice President and Kendall Poglitsch as the Secretary. They will take office immediately.

The Ninth Grade Student Council is an incredibly significant group in the daily and academic life of freshmen.

When asked about the goals for the 2021-2022 school year, President Aman Jaleel mentioned that because of this past year with the pandemic, the freshman class has not had the chance to make true connections and bond with each other.

“I want to find some sort of game or activity to do as a grade,” Jaleel said.

He plans to organize games such as kickball, but this has yet to be decided or approved.

“It will help be a fun distraction from all the homework that can be really stressful,” Kutty said.

Another change the Student Council suggests is wellness. Every other week, the freshman class gathers in Rose Hall during community time to conduct a wellness session with Director of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness Shanti Majefski. However, many freshmen have not enjoyed this time.

“I want to make it more engaging and so that people are getting the most out of it as possible,” Kutty said.

Overall, the Ninth Grade Student Council strives to improve the Class of 2025 and the Upper School as a whole.

“I hope we can create a positive environment within the grade through our leadership,” Kutty said.