New Schedule Implemented for 2022-2023 School Year

Hanlon Shedd

Aug. 23 marked Greenhill students’ first day of school, and the schedule is designed differently than previous years.

Last year, Greenhill followed a seven-block schedule with an hour and a half long community time on Gold Days. This year the time period has been redistributed into two different breaks per day with distinct purposes.

“What was happening was there was too much free time kids were just here with nothing to do for 80 minutes,” Jack Oros, Upper School Dean of Students said.

The eight-block schedule was announced at the end of the 2021-2022 school year, with the biggest difference being the added block as well as the removal of community time. While there are still green and gold days, now each day starts at 8:30, contains four class periods, and has two time slots for either advisory, clubs, or office hours.

Many students agree that while the new schedule is confusing, they enjoy having the ability to take all of the classes they want to.

“It’s kind of confusing with all of the new break periods but other than that I like it and I like not having the giant community time,” junior Ethan Strauss said.

The added class period’s main purpose was to give students the opportunity to take a full course load and have the opportunity to have a break.

Students may also double or even triple in a specific type of class if they want to. Even though eight classes are more classes than required there is no rule against students taking that many.

“While students can take up to eight classes, it isn’t recommended,” Upper School Learning Specialist Grace Kiang said.

For new and reoccurring students, the schedule has been something they had to adjust to.

“It’s been a little bit confusing because I haven’t seen it before, but it doesn’t seem that difficult,” junior Lucca Buonamicci said.