Greenhill Implements New Mask Policies after Winter Break

Andrew Mann

On Monday, Jan 3, Head of School Lee Hark sent an email stating that masks will be required coming back from winter break.

The policy will begin the following day, and all students will wear masks, regardless of the vaccination status. In indoor sporting events, all spectators must be masked.

According to the email, a new contact tracing strategy will be implemented. With the new policy, if a student or faculty member tests positive, the vaccinated students in the class must take a PCR test five to seven days after notice of the first positive case. Unvaccinated students are required to quarantine at home and take a PCR test on days five through seven.

Even with the new protocols, virtual learning remains a possibility for faculty and students.

“We remain committed to offering an on-campus learning experience, but if case numbers rise … we will consider closing classrooms, grade levels, or entire divisions as necessary to reduce the spread of infection,” Hark stated in his email.